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Child abuse is not peculiar to Nigeria alone, it is a global issue. In the recent past, violence such as torture, kidnapping, sexual harassment, child rape, corporal punishment, child labor and the likes are on the increase. This physical and emotional ill-treatment when left unaddressed ultimately culminate into actual or potential harm to the child’s health, development and/or dignity.

Child abuse no doubt is prevalent in Nigeria and inadequately report, it is also generally agreed that the girl child suffers more from these myriad of abuses. Rights to education and decent life are part of the fundamental rights of the girl child.

It is in view of the ugly picture painted above that some group of concerned citizens of Nigeria came together and conceived the idea of the VGC & VP foundation in other to contribute their quota in addressing the rights of the girl child and vulnerable people.

Voice of the Girl Child and Vulnerable People Foundation (VGCVPF) is a Non-Governmental Organization committed to working for the improvement of the quality of life for the Girl-Child and Vulnerable people in the country. We also provide quality, technical and advisory services; with the promotion and protection of Human Rights, Self Development and Empowerment of the vulnerable in the country. Through our various Advocacy, awareness and strategic intervention programs, we brought to the fore and provide succor to major challenges affecting the girl child and Vulnerable people in the society in conjunction with our partners.


To break all the barriers militating against the progress, uplifting and development of the girl-child and advance programs that increase the chance of the girl-child to attain her best self.


We envision a society where all people irrespective of gender have equal opportunity to actualize their dreams.


To create the necessary awareness on the rights and protections of the girl child and vulnerable. To promote the enforcement of the rights of the girl child and other vulnerable people in our society through seminars, workshops and advocacy for the purpose of promoting societal cultural and religious values.

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